Dream On (Produced by The A3)

by Faimkills

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an ode to the IE


Verse 1:

And we do the damn thang
A-game stay in a hater-proof lane
Collide with us get smashed like 2 trains
Boom-Bap coming back
Please pop the champagne
Fuck that
Break out the bottles of OE
We don't even need a glass
Just a brown paper bag in my hand
I'm so low-key
When I hit you with them verbs
Them is action words
But I'm not on the Swim Team
I'm on some Jim Beam
Rap never spit clean
Keep things interesting
You should know by now
I'm not here to sparkle
Let's be frank I'm the rap version of Donnie Darko
Yall are just a bunch of marks like Harpo
Groucho, Chico, son muy flaco
I flatten yall tired rappers like some damn potholes


I make the music
The music to make meaning
You could never do like I do it so keep dreaming
Dream On
Dream On
Dream On rapper
Dream On

Verse 2:

Hip-Hop aint dead
But your brain is
In need of deep brain stimulation
No artificial insemination
Naturally plant seeds this lyrical masturbation
Meaning I'm feeling myself
You can't bust like your girl do-dillin herself
That's cold-blooded
Matter fact i'm cold-chillin myself
Illin with a gazillion words fillin my mouth
You chirp like Brazilian birds then we airing you out
You heard we villanous word to my twitter account
At Faimkills
You feelin it gimme a shout
Visit the IE
Come see what we're really about
You can find me at the Common Ground
Where wack emcees get tossed in the lost and found
Couldn't lift they own bars up pound for pound
Or knock boots with the beat like round for round


Verse 3:

The streets is jockin
If police is watchin us
Then they would see that the beats is dropping
KRS Criminal Minded we can beat the charges
Us tryna live large
So Us working hard
Us be the IE we deserve an applause
Here comes the brand new flavor in ya ear
All yall a bunch of new-wavers and your queer
But not like a gay man
Just like "Hey man, your style is hella-lame man"
Needle in a hay stack flow
It's just so hard to find
Only way to get past me is to press rewind
You're not smart enough to match wits guard your mind
We'll never be neck and neck disconnect your spine
You'll get your back broke
You sound like a bad joke
I come through with mad quotes
So you should not have hope
Because I am broke barely my intellect is scary.

Boom-bap comin back please pop the champagne...


released June 13, 2012
Lyrics by Faimkills
Produced by The A3
Mix/Mastered by Jynxx



all rights reserved


Faimkills California


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